This collection of websites is made up of various sources of inspiration and prompts that may spark your next big idea.  This list is in no particular order.

Reedsy Prompts is a great website for creatives. Catered especially for writers, they roll out a set of five prompts every week. If you subscribe to their newsletters you can get these prompts right in your inbox. 

‘This is Colossal’ is a website that focuses on various disciples within the visual arts. They share the stories of many artists through articles with images of their work.

Inspiration Grid is an online magazine featuring design, typography, and many more.  

Pinterest allows you to create many mood boards. You can also find others’ mood boards. For this reason, there is an endless spark of inspiration. By means of the website’s Pin feature you can effectively keep track of your ideas and boards.

It’s Nice That is a website that provides a platform of inspiration for creatives. You find a variety of articles on work of other artists as well as practical tips for surviving in the creative industry.

The Design files is a website that features creatives from various disciples and articles about their work. This site is perfect if you’d like to hear some of the real stories behind the creative work.

Canvas is a website offered by Saatchi Art that provides you with an insider’s view of the art world. The main content are articles featuring tips for artists and art news.

This website mainly focused on web design allows designers to submit their websites and have them reviewed. The panel of judges is composed of digital creatives, made up of designers, developers, and agencies from all over the world.

This is a website where you can browse countless images, save them and create collections. The pro feature allows you to save URLs as part of your collection.

This is a website dedicated to a variety of writers. You can start your own blog and publish publications. At the same time you have the chance to interact with a large diverse community of writers.

Official website of the Creative Boom magazine, on their website you can find news on the creative industry. They also offer resources, recommended tools and interviews. The website also has a podcast by the same name which shares additional insights on the creative industry.

This is a free novel writing software. It is a progressive web app that can be downloaded and used offline.

This website offers art prompts under several categories. The website also offers some articles regarding the life of an artist. You can also send your artwork to the creator of the website.

This website is a must-have for any writer. Finding the right adjectives can be a particularly difficult struggle. This website presents you with synonyms you can use in a straightforward manner.

Behance is a free platform offered by Adobe tailored to creatives. You can create projects and share them with the creative community. You can engage with others by following them and looking at their projects.

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