Virtual (Open) Experiences

Open City experiences introduces virtual experiences during the sheltering periods across the world.

During this time, many people are rightly opting to stay home and self-isolate – or are mandated to do this by their local governments for public health. It’s a time when our routines have been upended, and our social contact restricted.

We aim to provide some pleasurable activities in the spirit of taking a break – but a thoughtful one. With many children doing homeschooling now, our Art Breaks offer a chance to do something creative with a parent or with us – as mama and son Claudia and Ludovico guide us through a bilingual creative session.

Moving deeper, and recommended for adults, are the Art Shifts. These are sessions designed to allow you to express and integrate your emotions through some light artistic methods.

The Living Well Series will also be moving to a Virtual Experience until we are able to meet in person.

Upcoming Virtual Open City experiences

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