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Expanding a higher consciousness through art

Open City experiences offers innovative workshops and resources to unblock creatives. We help nurture the well-being of our creative community. From our daily inspiration newsletter, to resources for cutting through creative blocks. We are driven by our mission to seek and awaken the authentic artistic spirit in all those who have the call to creative work. When we focus on this at an individual level, like a ripple effect, we can increase personal creative success, and spread beauty and healing to our loved ones, network, local community… and beyond. Whether you are a seeker looking to grow or a guide looking to motivate – or maybe just a passerby who wants to explore the creative calling inside of them – our community is here to help you on your journey of growing your most extraordinary self.

While there is a plethora of online and virtual experiences available to us-we pride ourselves in being a hub for helping creative son their path to reach their highest potential. Being based in Rome, inspiration is all around us. We want to channel the powerful energy from the beauty and history of Rome and share that with you all.

We challenge our creatives to become seekers of their artistic souls and are here to assist in exposing that creative being to the light. Our mission is to awaken the creative spirit within, to transform frustration into fun, to raise consciousness to the inner artist, and to spread inspiration across all seekers.

What We Do 

Open City Experiences provides courses, resources, and connections to help unblock creatives, so that their talent and artistry is unleashed in the world.