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Nancy Goldstein

A Ph.D Graduate of Brandeis University, Nancy Goldstein is a top recruiter in New York City and internationally. She founded NG Consulting and has worked with clients like ACLU, Ford Foundation and Columbia University Law School. She has taught at Harvard and MIT. As a recruiter with D.E. Shaw & Co, a multinational investment firm […]

As a recruiter with D.E. Shaw & Co, a multinational investment firm with US $50 billion under management, Nancy Goldstein led senior searches with the CEO, screened countless resumes, interviewed thousands of candidates, led talent searches, and assembled contracts and compensation packages.

She was recruited into D.E. Shaw & Co. and New York City from academia in New England, where she taught at Harvard and MIT.

After decades of experience in academia, the corporate world, and the nonprofit realm, Nancy established NG Consulting, her own strategic communications and development firm, in 2007. Clients have included the Ford Foundation, the Law School at Columbia University, GMHC, the Open Society Foundation, and Indonesia’s leading community-based plastic recycling plant.

Meanwhile, she began her negotiating career by bargaining for a better deal than Brandeis University had first offered for my PhD. She did the same when she left adjunct positions at Harvard and MIT for a recruiting job with D.E. Shaw & Co, multinational investment firm in New York City with US $50 billion under management. In addition to conducting senior searches with CEO David Shaw, Nancy assembled contracts and compensation packages.

She has advised clients in every sector, and in an assortment of situations, from full-time salaried positions to temporary work in the gig economy. She has also negotiated and re-negotiated contracts with governmental agencies, foundations, and a variety of employers.

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