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Mauro Benedetti

Mauro Benedetti is an exhibited, passionate street photographer and travel documentarist. Born in Palermo, he has called Rome his home from an early age.

Mauro Benedetti was born in Palermo in 1960 and has lived in Rome since 1973.

His interest in photography was influenced from his elementary years by his grandfather and father. His grandfather was remarkably passionate about travel and technology, and his father was a renowned soccer player in Italy’s Series A League. Through them, Mauro grew up very close to the world of photography and cameras.

His prestigious career in corporate finance has allowed him to travel continuously throughout Italy and Europe. During his spare time and vacations, he has visited diverse cultures and ambiences far removed from the structured atmosphere of corporate life – always with a documentarist approach to his travel. He has traveled to Africa, the Americas and throughout Europe with his camera.

In 2006, he met and later married the artist Claudia Palmira of New York. Thanks to the influence and stimulus of her multimedia work, his photography began to integrate a personal style, in which the human figure became the central element amidst juxtapositions, gestures and expressions.

He has mentored the photographers, Alex Webb and Livio Mancini. His work has been exhibited in New York, Greenwich, CT, Rome, Milan, Bologna and Novafeltria.

Mauro collaborates with Rome Photography Workshop, a group of photographers in Rome and New York who provide tours for traveling photographers by local ones. He also co-founded the agency Mauro Press and is a member of the photography collective La.Strada.

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