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Vision Mapping

Do you have a dream or desire for your life you are ready to make a reality ?

Vision mapping is a way to express your authentic desires in a unique collage. Imagery is the language of the subconscious mind, and in this popular and fun workshop, you will be guided to create a “map” that reflects your true desires. We begin with a guided meditation and then proceed to discover our “vision” in a three-step process. No prior experience with art is necessary

In this 2-hour group session, Claudia Palmira will guide you on how to create a meaningful collage that will open the way for manifestation in your life. We will tap into your childlike creativity, sidestepping your doubts, to put your ideas into images, using a basic collage technique. No artistic experience necessary.

The group format provides a way to affirm and share your vision, if you choose, in a safe and fun format.

Vision map’s can be about any of these – or just a general map:

  • life’s purpose
  • current phase goals and desires
  • love
  • family
  • career
  • spirituality

It’s easy enough to paste together a few images of “what you want” materially – a new car, a vacation to the Maldives, a designer bag. For this kind of visual desires list, I recommend you use a magnetic board or even Pinterest or Evernote, to collect these images. This workshope= is not that! What we do here is tap into your authentic self and soul’s desires via the subconscious mind.


A vision map is a physical picture of your desired reality in the form of a collage that you make, guided by Claudia. Its value is in its clarity — it forms an especially clear, sharp image that speaks to you personally, which can then attract and focus energy into your goals. It works along the same lines as a blueprint for a building. Using images and keywords stimulates the subconscious mind, or right brain, which informs the linear mind, or left brain. Your future actions will result in the most astonishing manifestations. You will be amazed at the power of your mind!

Walk away from this workshop with:

  • A collage by you that speaks to your very own subconscious mind
  • Some new friends through the fun atmosphere of making something together
  • A clarified sense of purpose and hope about your life’s fulfillment
  • A sense of peace from the “right brain” / creative activity

Workshop logistics

  • All art materials are provided
  • Bring several magazines to cut up and share with the group
  • Taught in English
  • Ages 17+ welcome

The event is finished.


02 Oct 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Rome Design Agency
Via Costantino Morin 44, int 5
Instructor Page


  • Claudia Palmira
    Claudia Palmira
    artist, designer

    EN / Internationally exhibited artist and designer Claudia Palmira is certified as an art therapist and experiential specialist. Founder of Open City experiences, she leads groups in creative, experiential and spiritual work around the world. A native New Yorker, Claudia is based in Rome, Italy where she runs her design and art studio – and where she and her photographer husband, Mauro Benedetti, are bringing up their son, Ludovico, a film actor

    IT / Nata a New York, Claudia Palmira è una designer e artista residente a Roma dal 2006. Ha avviato il suo studio nel 1997, subito dopo aver conseguito la laurea in arte e storia dell’arte presso il Mount Holyoke College (Mass.) e lavorato con rinomata clientela internazionale su una vasta gamma di progetti grafici e web. Come artista, ha tenuto mostre a New York City, Roma e Greenwich (CT). È nota per la sua serie di collage digitali Iconics / Poetics e per i suoi lavori sui media misti. Nel 2021 ha lanciato Clù, la sua linea distintiva di oggetti d’arte, che include collezioni di foulard in seta.

    Claudia è molto attiva nell’organizzazione e conduzione di programmi per il benessere spirituale attraverso l’arte. Arteterapeuta certificata e specialista esperienziale, ha fondato Open City experiences nel 2017, principale hub di autosviluppo in inglese di Roma. Ha fondato Restart Retreats, ritiri di psicodramma in Toscana condotti prima dalla pandemia.

    Vive nel quartiere Prati di Roma con il marito, il fotografo Mauro Benedetti, e il figlio Ludovico, attore con ruoli in film e televisione.

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