Emphasizing fun in a culture that values work

Nowadays, work occupies a huge amount of time in our daily lives. Especially in America, a lot of people tend to act like they’re walking resumes. Whatever time or occasion, people like to talk about their professional background as ice breaker in a conversation. Although it is easy to define people by their career, there is more to life than just your job title. Having a life outside of the office is more important than many realize.

Jobs come and go. Sometimes people remain in a certain position for a while, but eventually grow out of it, and find a new one. Most of time, jobs are an accessory that can help you to earn money and have a feeling of accomplishment. You have to exercise caution however, as piling all of your expectations into a single aspect of your life can be unhealthy. 

Fun is the balance in the equation of life and work. Many people neglect their need for fun because they think adult responsibilities trump the need for enjoyment, or they think they don’t deserve to have fun. But the truth is, everything needs balance, especially life and work.

Fun keeps your senses under control, and can help balance any stressors you may have in your daily life. When you are having fun, naturally, you are happier. So, making time for hobbies you enjoy gives you the strength you need to deal with any difficulties you may encounter.

When you are having hobbies outside the office, you are more effective in your job. When you know something about a topic outside the path of your field can bring a different perspective to you work. Also, the fun break from your work would help you to have a sense of freshness on the job. 

Overall, having a life outside of the office helps you to balance your work life and your daily life. Squeeze some fun into the boring routine you have every day! It’s true, jobs are very important, but your brain can take a break. It’s important to make time for yourself and try to follow your heart every once in a while.

Jiajun Sun