Art is the bridge connecting self expression and creativity

Being a human means you have to deal with emotions all day long. Some feelings are hard to verbalize, and some of those thoughts you don’t want to speak out loud. Self-expression sounds so abstract, but the creative arts are an amazing outlet for the recovery of your emotions. With art, you have the option to go beyond words and become a vivid, colorful and free version of yourself.

According to a study using hospital data, patients who participated in art theory were found to have better clinical outcomes than those who did not. Similar studies also concluded that hands-on tasks, like making art, help to soothe negative emotions.

Processing emotion by putting it into a physical form could make you feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings, and help you process events more clearly. These tasks provide a healthy form of escape for your mind, and therefore can be beneficial in inspiring creativity.

Self-expression hides behind your artistic creation. When you are creating art, you transform the image from your mind into something physical. In this amazing process you are actually having a conversation with yourself. Incorporating the creative arts into your daily life provides an interesting self-evaluation to your mental health.