I cannot overstate the benefits I’ve received from being part of Claudia’s group. When I started I was an occasional writer of poetry. I didn’t really believe I belonged in a forum for artists. Over the last 8 months I have become a relatively prolific poet and, thanks to Claudia, I have a daily practice and a new, sustainable way of working which has given me the confidence to write creatively continuously. I have a fully functional framework for my art and I’m truly grateful to Claudia for showing me how to create and sustain it. Claudia has an intimate knowledge of all the barriers and challenges artists face and, more importantly, she knows how to conquer all of them. Claudia has a gift for communicating gently, sensitively, lovingly and supportively. Her courage and willingness in sharing your experience is inspiring, comforting, reassuring. It has also been a privilege, and a joy, to hear a wide range of artists share their experience of their journeys. I gained much confidence from them and much inspiration. I am also really grateful to them. I am not only more at ease in my poetic skin, I am also enjoying my art to the full. I hesitated to join Claudia’s group. I recommend to my friends that they jump at the chance. I’m confidant they’ll be as thrilled with the results as I am.