Art on Sundays Series

As of March 2020, this series has been postponed until we are free to gather. 

Open City presents our “Art on Sundays”. Artist Kelly Medford leads the way starting in March for a 3-part series on Drawing. Join us for the ones you choose, or come for all.

March 22 | Understanding Drawing
March 29 | Deeper with Drawing
April 5 | Drawing with Flair

Drawing starts from simplicity: pencil and paper. Nearly everyone draws – whether it’s doodles or sketches, scribbles or portraits. It’s one of the most basic forms of communication.

These sessions are a chance to work in an artist’s studio to play with line – seeing, formulating and interpreting. We explore different kinds of marks and styles, from contouring to fast burn sketches and more.

There are plentiful benefits of drawing such as improved memory, stress, creativity, communication, and a plethora of many other great benefits to the mind and body. In this series of workshops, topics touch upon many areas of drawings such as what drawing even is and interpretation, drawing in between spaces, and the understanding of different kinds of mark making. When you have a better understanding of drawing and a understanding it, it will then guide you to looking at things with a various point of views than just one.

Workshops are priced at 50 Euros each with discounts available for students and Free Exchange members. Purchase the whole series for 120 Euros. Each participant receives an artist kit with artist-grade materials at a terrific wholesale price of 20 Euros.