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Online Vision Mapping

Online Vision Mapping

What you will need

  • paper or a board to paste onto
  • magazines to freely cut up
  • scissors
  • glue stick / tape / colored tape


  • embellishments (stickers, rhinestones)
  • rubber stamps

Suggestions for doing this Course

Set aside 1 hour to complete the collage in a single session. The video encourages you to finish what you start. The session is in four parts:

  1. Gathering images
  2. Cutting and editing images
  3. Arranging images
  4. Pasting the images & embellishing the collage

There is a chance to pause the video at each juncture to complete the phase. While the video is paused, why not put some fun music on? For inspiration, here is our playlist on Amazon Music: Visioning Playlist

After you’re done

  1. Hang the collage where you can see it!
  2. Photograph it and make it your screen background
  3. Share it and tag us
    Instagram | @OpenCityexp
    Facebook | OpenCity
  4. Send us your image via email:

Happy Vision Map Making!