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Vision Mapping

Our first ever, online & independent
Vision Mapping Course

Led by artist Claudia Palmira

You're invited to make a very unique collage...

Do you have a dream or desire for your life you are ready to make a reality ?

Would you love to be guided in making a vision collage? 

I invite you to join me in our 100% guided Online Vision Mapping Course.

There are moments in our lifetime when it seems as if we have hit a block in our mindset and don’t seem to have a clear idea of where to go. Or, perhaps we’ve entered a new phase and would like to set our intentions and aspirations for what’s next. During times such as these a deeper insight into our subconscious can offer a heartfelt understanding of who you are creating yourself into.

Perhaps you’ve created one before in a group, and desire the structure and support that a group offers, in the comfort of your home – on your schedule.

Through vision mapping, we use the images and symbols that speak to your subconscious to create a visual representation of your underlying aspirations. A vision map is a physical picture of your desired reality.

Vision mapping has provided constant guidance for myself, friends and clients throughout the years. Time and time again the self-actualizing process of vision mapping has uncovered the untapped desires that are creating yourself without you even knowing it.

You don’t have to consider yourself an artist or particularly emotionally in-touch to get started.

We’re offering our first ever online, independent vision mapping session where you can have a transformative experience at home, whenever works best for you

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What's Included

• Guided session from guidance to final collage

• List of suggested materials 

• Structure of guidance to help you through the process

• Encouragement to finish and complete the project

• Lifetime access to the content

Frequently Asked Questions

About Claudia

Vision Mapping Online Class

Claudia is an exhibited artist and designer, with a studio based in Rome, Italy. She is also a certified art therapist and has guided vision mapping sessions for years in person and, since 2020, virtually. Vision mapping is one of her signature courses. 

She has worked with dozens of students to create vision boards and is exciting to be able to guide even more through this amazing process in video-lesson form.

Her mixed media artwork incorporates collage, a medium close to her heart. Her design studio in Rome serves a wide variety of international clientele, while her creative sessions are geared towards those who desire to unleash their creativity .

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Vision Mapping Online Class

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